Woman rescued two weeks after complicated delivery

Bajura, September 24

A new mother Nanidevi Malla, 30, of Dhainkot VDC-9, Taliwadi, in Bajura was rescued in a chartered helicopter to Bheri Zonal Hospital 14 days after a complicated delivery.

Malla had delivered the baby on the way to a health post, and returned home. However, the baby’s umbilical cord was attached to the placenta that was still inside her body, and both her baby’s and her health deteriorated quickly. Malla’s husband Dhanraj said that the infant died four days later.

As Malla’s health continued to deteriorate, she was taken to Rugin Health Post in Bajura for treatment. The health post referred her to another health facility. Dhanraj borrowed Rs 3,000 from his friends to take his wife to the Primary Health Centre in Kolti for treatment twelve days later. There, in an attempt to extract the umbilical cord, the doctor inadvertently entangled the cord inside the uterus, and Malla was again referred to Nepalgunj.

However, Malla needed to be taken to a better health facility quickly, and the family did not have the financial wherewithal to charter a helicopter. Dr Wikal Lamichhane at the Primary Health Centre requested the District Health Office, Bajura to charter a helicopter.

Chief at District Health Office, Bajura Dr Mohan Nath said that the Regional Health Directorate then provided Rs 4 lakh for the helicopter, and  Malla was airlifted to Bheri Zonal Hospital yesterday.

Malla is currently undergoing treatment at Bheri Zonal Hospital. Her condition is said to be improving.

According to the directorate, a budget of Rs 5 lakh was allocated to rescue new mothers this year inadequate the budget is. Many women from far flung areas and less privileged communities lose their lives as they deliver babies at home for want of medical facilities.