Women for more share in CA

Kathmandu, June 21:

Political leaders today demanded that at least 33 per cent candidacy of women be ensured in the first-past-the-post electoral system.

The political leaders also hailed the ‘Constituent Assembly Members’ (CAM) Act, which ensures 50 per cent of seats for women in 240 seats of the proportional electoral system.

Speaking at a programme on the ‘Constituent Assembly Members’ Bill and Women’s Participation’, organised by the Working Women Journalists, Sarita Giri, a central committee member of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party, said: “Since the first-past-the-post system (mixed electoral system) supports the male leadership, there should be a provision of affirmative action to guarantee at least 33 per cent candidacy of women in this system.”

Candidates of respective parties will be elected to the constituent assembly on the basis of the ranking they are given by their parties on the closed list.

Bhoj Raj Pokharel, chief election commissioner of the Election Commission, said that the Election Commission is making preparations to hold constituent assembly election in November.

Pokharel called on all parties to create an environment conducive to holding the election on time.

“Delay in holding the election might send wrong messages to the public and also put Nepal’s credibility in the international arena at stake,” the chief election commissioner further said.

Khim Lal Devkota, a member of parliament, said, “To ensure 33 per cent representation of women in the mixed electoral system, the political parties that sent notes of dissent at the eight-party meeting should be questioned.

Pressure should be piled on each party to adopt a proportional participation of women in the electoral system,” Devkota said.