Women rights activists in west feel threatened

Dhangadi, November 21

Women rights activist Sarita Jairu of Dadeldhura was frequently assaulted by her husband for her activism.

Her husband disliked her social work intensel, and attempted to dissuade her through violence, often leaving her black and blue. Unable to take the torture, Jairu attempted to kill herself a couple of years ago, but was rescued by villagers.

Sarita recounted her story at a programme in Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur on Monday, where women right activists discussed the threat to their security.

“Scores of women face such hardships for raising their voice against injustice and violation of rights of women,” Sarita said.

Another activist Dhansara Rawat of Kailali said that a large number of women rights activists face violence from their own family members and their community for their activism.

Radhika Bista of Doti said that many women activists have to make the hard decision of choosing between what they believe is right and their own family.

Another activist Mina Namjali of Doti said, “Our husbands rarely support our cause. Instead, they drag us into controversy under various pretexts.”

Chief Trainer at Human Rights Alliance Maha Laxmi Gurung said that social activities run by women activists in the western region were often ineffective as the activists had to often live with threat to their lives.

“Many women victims do not get justice because of ineffective and improper investigation,” said Gurung.