Women seek fair share in state organs

Kathmandu, May 10:

Two women CA members today called for proportional representation of women and other marginalised groups in all organs of the state.

One-third of 575 members, elected to the Constituent Assembly through direct and First-Past-The-Post polls, are women.

Only 31 members were elected to the CA through the FPTP polls. The cabinet is yet to nominate 26 members to the CA. Most of the women members made it to the CA through the PR system.

“We have managed to achieve baseline requirement of 33 per cent representation as declared by the House of Representatives in 2006. This is just a beginning.

There should be a proportionate representation of women in all sectors, including organs of the state,” a said Binda Pande, who made it to the CA through UML PR list.

Only one woman candidate of the UML made it to the CA through the FPTP system, while two women representing the Nepali Congress made it to the CA through the same system. The CPN-Maoist had fielded 42 women candidates in the FPTP polls. Out of them, 23 made it to the CA.

Dr Arzu Rana Deuba, CA member from the Nepali Congress, says South Asian politics is dominated by money, muscle and power.

That is why, it is difficult for marginalised communities to get into politics. “The PR system has secured representation for all marginalised groups in the CA. This system should be continued to ensure the rights of marginalised groups and ensure their representation in all state mechanisms.”

Amrita Thapa Magar, CA member from the CPN (Maoist), said the PR system has highlighted the need to make special arrangements for the uplift of disadvantaged and marginalised communities.

“The PR system has given space to those who had been deprived of opportunities,” she said.