Almost all women in two Makawanpur settlements lack citizenship

HETAUNDA: Almost all women in two settlements of Bhimphedi VDC of Makawanpur district lack citizenship certificates, the Bhimphedi VDC Office found in a study.

The last time any woman received citizenship certificate was in 2004. Total 60 women from Urlaghari and Solabhanjyang had received the certificates then.

After 2004, women were required to go to Hetaunda to receive the certificates.

Bhimphedi VDC Secretary Badri Prasad Sapkota said that the women of the villages refrained from the citizenship citing lack of land on their name coupled with lack of awareness for citizenship cards' importance in their lives.

Sapkota also claimed that women were ignorant of getting citizenship certificates even after much persuasion.

Mother of five, Kanchhi Maya Chhepang of Urlaghari said her citizenship was of no use. Another, Buddhi Maya Syangtan—mother of two—was also of the same view.

After the April 2015 earthquake, these women faced problems to claim the relief amount meant for quake survivors and to get birth certificates issued for their children on their names.

A social worker Icchya Lama, who worked for the door-to-door citizenship issuance services, quoted a woman, "Making citizenship certificates is a nuisance."

Men, on the other hand, have acquired citizenship certificates as they opt for foreign employment in Gulf countries.