Workers shut Mayos factory

Banepa, May 25:

Himalayan Snacks and Noodles Pvt Ltd, a company with an annual turnover worth crores of rupees that produces Mayos noodles, is in the doldrums once again.

Already reeling under the agitation of the factory unit of the pro-Maoist Industrial Workers’ Union since January, the factory was supposed to open today.

However, members of the Nepal Food and Beverages Workers’ Union affiliated to the CPN-UML hammered one more nail into the factory’s coffin. Pointing out that 108 of the 450 workers on the payroll were put out to pasture, the pro-UML union men slammed the lid on any chance of the factory resuming operations.

Pro-UML union member Yamuna Bhattarai said the factory would be allowed to operate only after the fired 108 workers were reinstated.

The pro-UML union has also given a letter of statement asking that the sacked 108 workers be reinstated according to the labour laws, given working rights unhindered and compensated for all the days they were taken off work.