Worst drought leaves fields barren in Bajura

Bajura, November 30

Most of the fertile land has become barren due to the long drought in the hilly districts of the far and mid-west regions.

Farmers of Bajura, Achham and Bajhang, among other districts of the far-west, along with Mugu and Humla districts of the mid-west have been left with barren land due to inadequate rainfall. The farmers complained that they could not plant wheat and barley, among other seasonal crops, for want of rainfall.

Angat Mahara, a local, said farmers could not plant seasonal crops at Jagannath, Sappata, Jukoi, Wai, Gotri and 11 VDCs of Kolti in Bajura. According to District Agriculture Development Office, Bajura, more than 60 per cent seasonal crops have been destroyed due to drought. Food crops worth Rs 210 million have been lost due to the drought, according to sources at District Agriculture Development Office, Mugu. Office sources added that local farmers were unable to plant seasonal crops as well.

The drought has mostly affected the northern part of Soru area in Mugu. Dharma Raj Jaisi, a local of Dhainkot, said he was having a tough time earning a livelihood for his family due to the drought.

Dhurba Sunar, who has been working for right to food, said most farmers in Achham depended on rainfall, but plantation could not take place this season due to drought Similar is the case in Humla.

Sunar said Humla folks were reeling under drinking water crisis. Local farmers said it was the longest drought in 50 years. No rainfall has been recorded in Humla for the last five months.