Writ filed seeking holidays during Muslim fests

Kathmandu, November 18:

Calling on the Supreme Court (SC) to issue an order to the government to give holidays during major Muslim festivals and set up a Muslim Promotion Commission (MPC), advocate Nur Mohammad filed a writ petition in the SC today.

In his petition, the petitioner urged the government to respect rights of the minority Muslim community and treat them on a par with followers of Hindu religion. The petitioner has sought apex court directives to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet, PM Girija Prasad Koirala, Speaker Subas Nembang and the Ministry of Home Affairs to recognise the main festivals of the Muslim community by giving public holidays and set up an MPC.

“Nepal has become a secular state as per the Article 4 of the Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007, but the government is not treating the Muslim religion in an equal manner. “No changes have been seen even after the promulgation of the Interim Constitution,” the petitioner claimed. “The government is giving holidays during Dashain, Tihar and Shree Krishnastasmi respecting the rights of the Hindu community, but it is not recognising the festivals of the Muslim community,” the petitioner claimed. “This shows that the government is showing partiality in the treatment of different religious groups,” he said.