Yadav disapproves of draft statute

POKHARA: Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav on Saturday said the draft constitution was against the people and the country as it bypassed previous agreements.

Yadav alleged that the four major parties signed the 16-point agreement only to ensure their share in the government. Since the draft constitution is against the people and the country, ‘we must tear this up’, said Yadav. “The 16-point agreement is against the spirit of the past agreements and understandings,” Yadav said at a press conference organised in Pokhara.

The 16-point deal is against the spirit of the past agreements and understandings and the draft constitution is against the people and country

— Upendra Yadav,Chairman, FSFN

Federalism, inclusion, identity and other progressive agendas have been ignored in the draft constitution brought by a few parties, so we are left with no option than to take to the streets, he added. “The draft constitution is more regressive than that of Panchayat era,” Yadav commented.

Copies of the draft constitution will be burnt across the country, as it has ignored the aspirations people and denied identity and rights to Madhesis, ethnic communities, Dalits and minority groups.

He also lashed out at the four major political parties — Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, Unified CPN-Maoist and Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum,-Democratic, which are the signatories of the 16-point agreement — for their decision to fast-track the constitution-drafting process. “Some parties have chosen to promulgate the constitution through fast track which is not only betrayal to people but also unconstitutional,” said Yadav.

Yadav accused the UCPN-Maoist of abandoning federalism and identity for power and positions.