Yadav flayS Tarai offensive

BIRATNAGAR: Chairman of the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum, Upendra Yadav,

accused the government of instigating the Tarai armed outfits instead of solving such matters through negotiations. He said that the situation in the eastern Tarai was deteriorating as security forces were on an offensive against the armed outfits.

Speaking to mediapersons in

Biratnagar today, he said, “Such

activities instead of strengthening the security situation, will create adverse impacts.”

Referring to the killing of Avinash Mukti alias Ganesh Shah in police action in Dhanusha a few days ago, Yadav said such criminals should be punished according to the law instead of being gunned down. He added such actions would not bring peace in the Tarai and accused the government of murdering people in the name of security in the eastern Tarai.

He also accused the government of hatching conspiracies against the reconstruction of the state,

independent regions and federal states. He emphasised the need

of a national government, sating that the present government could not take other political parties

into confidence on the issues of national interest.

He claimed that the government had failed to play its role as a facilitator in the constitution making. He also slammed the Gachhadar faction of the MJF, stating that they had done nothing for the welfare of the Madhesi movement. “They were like parasites to the party. It’s good that they quit,” he added.