Yadav warns of revolt

LAMJUNG, August 8

Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav on Saturday warned of a revolt would be launched the day the new statute was promulgated.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Federation of Indigenous Nationalities at Lamjung headquarters Besisahar, Yadav ruled out the possibility of bringing out a people’s constitution as Constituent Assembly members were deprived of their discretion to draft the constitution.

“A statute drafted by four leaders in Baluwatar cannot address the agendas of change and such a statute will not be acceptable to us,” he said.

Stating that majority of the people had given feedback in favour of an executive head directly elected by the people, Yadav accused the four major parties of bypassing people’s suggestion.

He said that CA should incorporate agreements and understandings reached between the state and Madhesi, Dalit, as well as ethnic communities in the past in order to make the new statute acceptable to all.

He also made it clear that his party was not going to budge an inch from federalism and secularism. He alleged that the 16-point agreement reached among the four major political parties had pushed the country into an abyss. “We shall launch a revolt if our demands are not met,” Yadav stated.