Yak farming in peril in Shailung

Ramechhap, June 4

With the soaring temperature and lack of adequate grazing space, decades of yak farming is on the verge of collapse in the upper hilly region of Ramechhap district.

The farmers have been facing this problem mainly because of the  government’s decision to hand over the forests to the  local communities. This has resulted in less grazing space for cattle.

Yak keeping is a traditional occupation for the Sherpas at Shailung. “The forest consumer committee allows us to graze our yaks only in a limited area, which is not enough,” said yak farmers.

According to the farmers, yak farming requires huge grassy area and due to the lack of such area there as been a sharp decline in yak rearing at Shailung.

“There were more than 30 yak sheds until a few years ago, but the number has dropped by more than half,” said the farmers. Besides, rising temperature is playing foul on yak breeders in recent years. “Climate change is also affecting yak farming,” said Shailung folks.