Yami downplays spat over YCL

Nepalgunj, June 7:

Minister for Physical Planning and Works Hisila Yami today said the war of words between

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist chief Prachanda over the issue of the Young Communist League should be taken in a light vein.

She was speaking to journalists here.

Saying that sometime expressions have no effect in entirety, Yami said, “A party waging a war has to go through ups and downs.” The deferment of the constituent assembly (CA) polls will affect the unity of the eight parties, she said, adding that camps will be constructed for the People’s Liberation Army before the onset of the rainy season.

Stating that the Melamchi Drinking Water Project crisis would be resolved soon, Yami expressed hope that the Asian Development Bank will consider the sentiment of the Nepalis, who are on course of forming a new Nepal.