Yarsa trading teachers leave Dolpa schools shut for months

DOLPA: Dozens of schools in Dolpa district have been shut for last two months in the absence of as many as 90 teachers who were said to have left for Tibet, China to sell yarsagumba, an expensive herbal medicine.

With the onset of yarsha picking season in May, schools in Dolpa remain closed in absence of teachers and students, who flock to mountainous highlands in the district to pick up yarsa in staggering numbers.

A team of school inspectors and resource persons has already been deployed in upper and lower Dolpa to look into the matter, shared the District Education Officer in Dolpa, Santamani Acharya, adding that those serving teachers found involved in yarsha trade will be brought into book.

The information was made available by a police beat in Dolpa, added Acharya. Moreover, the District Administration Office, Dolpa also extended its support to the District Education Office to take stock of such teachers.