YCL ‘reclaims’ public land in Kaski

Lekhnath, July 8:

Cadres of the Young Communist League (YCL) hoisted their organisation’s flag on 19 ropanis of land belonging to Begnas Lake today.

Saying that the plot of land has been illegally registered in the name of various individuals, the YCL also announced that the land has now become public property.

Maoists’ Kaski member Bishnu Prasad Poudel and YCL’s Kaski chairperson Deepak Koirala jointly unfurled the flag and alleged that the Lekhnath municipality was not able to protect the public land.

Speaking at a function organised to announce that the land is now public property, Koirala said that his organisation will act in the same manner if other public plots of land are found to be registered in individuals’ names.

Poudel said that they had to take the step as incidents of land mafias grabbing public plots are on the rise.

Chairperson of the Begnas Youth Club, Kedar Lamichhane, said that the club is ever ready to provide any kind of help for making such land public again.

The District Land Revenue Office had registered the Begnas Lake land in the names of locals Kul Deep Koirala, Chandra Bahadur Bhujel and Rama Khatri on different dates.

While six ropanis and 13 anas of land was registered in Koirala’s name in 1998, Bhujel also had a part of the land registered in his name.

The then ward chairperson, Dinnath Dhakal, and municipality chief Shaligram Poudel had recommended Koirala and Bhujel’s name to the Land Revenue Office.