YCL cadres cordon off NC candidate’s house

Kathmandu, March 31:

Some 700 Young Communist League cadres were cordoning off the house of election candidate for Gorkha constituency no 3 from Nepali Congress Chin Kaji Shrestha till late in the evening, said Gorkha DSP Gita Upreti.

Shrestha said over the phone that he and seven other family members are among 16 people staying in the house fearing physical attack by the YCL cadres.

“Police are assuring me of security and telling me to come out, but we can not do so. I fear that the YCL cadres will attack us if we come out,” Shrestha said.

According to him the YCL men began cordoning off his house at around 5.30 pm today alleging that a rogue was taking shelter in the house.

A man reportedly misbehaved with a woman while the latter was returning after attending a mass meeting organised by the CPN-Maoist and later hid in the house, in which Shrestha and others were staying.

“They have pelted stones at our house breaking the window panes. We have been hiding under the bed,” Shrestha told this daily.

Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai said that the YCL cadres were not involved in the incident and it is the locals who are demanding entry into Shrestha’s house to see if the rogue is in, but the Nepali Congress men are exaggerating the matter. Shrestha, however, denied sheltering any rogue.