Siraha, August 30:

President of the Siraha chapter of the Young Communist League (YCL), Jagat Yadav, said today that weapons looted yesterday from police personnel at Choharwa of Siraha will not be returned “unless YCL cadres Shambhu Chaudhari and Bijay Kumar Thakur are released and the CDO and the superintendent of police apologise to the YCL in public.”

Speaking at a corner meeting, Yadav said that YCL cadres were holding in their possession three .303 rifles and 40 rounds of ammunition snatched from the police team. YCL cadres also staged a rally in the district headquarters Siraha bazaar, claiming that the police framed the two YCL cadres and arrested them on trumped-up charges.

Chief district officer Balkrishna Panthi said that the arrested YCL cadres have been charged with illegal possession of weapons and that a case under the Arms Act has been registered against them.

Siraha DSP Mingmar Lama said that the YCL cadres also prevented the police from writing the station diary about the two arrested YCL cadres.

DSP Lama said the YCL men looted four .303 rifles and 115 rounds of ammunition from the police team.