Yechuri, others provided security

New Delhi, May 7 :

The Indian government has provided security to several leaders including senior politburo member of the Indian Communist Party (Marxist), Sitaram Yechuri, since Friday.

A few days ago, Yechuri had gone on record saying that an unidentified person claiming to be close to the palace in Nepal threatened to kill him.

Along with Yechuri, general secretary of Rastrabadi Congress Party DP Tripathi and general secretary of the Communist Party of India D Raja received threats to their life for supporting the pro-democracy movement in Nepal. A source close to Yechuri said Tripathi was provided bodyguards on Tuesday while Yechuri and Raja got security only on Friday. The three have been provided security at their residences as well.

Meanwhile, Indian PM Dr Man Mohan Singh spoke with Yechuri about the latest political situation in Nepal. Talks focussed on Nepal’s politics, the impending visit of PM Girija Prasad Koirala to India, Nepal government-Maoists talks and Indian assistance to Nepal, a source close to Yechuri said. Yechuri also held talks with Congress leader Sonia Gandhi about Nepal’s situation.