YF cadres overrun govt offices in Rukum

Rukum, October 1:

Cadres of the UML-affiliated Youth Force (YF) have intensified their activities against government offices in the district in the name of controlling corruption.

Just a few days back, the YF cadres had seized 200 quintals of rice from Srinagar in Salyan when it was being taken to Rukum from Dang.

The Rukum chapter of the YF said it seized the rice as the supply was being tampered with on the way to Salyan.

“We felt that there was something fishy in the act. It might have been carried out in coordination with contractors and officials of district office of Nepal Food Corporation to make extra money,” the YF said.

Meanwhile, the cadres of Youth Force seized bills of Rs 1.5 million from district health office. The bills were of furniture procured by the district health office.

“Though the bills were of furniture items for office, no new furniture were found in the office,”

district presidet of YF Motilal Gharti said.