YF, YCL slug it out over timber

Biratnagar, December 4:

Youth Force cadres and the villagers clashed with Young Communist League cadres on Tuesday evening while YCL members were carrying firewood from Morang’s Jante-based Kopila Community Forest in a truck.

The villagers and YF cadres vandalised the truck and the YCL party offices. The YCL cadres, on the other hand, vandalised the houses of three UML workers, thrashed YF cadres and targetted YF’s party office on Wednesday.

YCL cadres Mukti Magar, Dinesh Rajbanshi and Ganesh Darnal were injured in the the attack and are undergoing treatment in Biratnagar-based Birat Hospital.

YCL Morang in-charge Hikmat said property worth Rs 6 lakhs was damaged in the attack

on its offices in Jante and Pathari and the truck. In a press meet organised yesterday, he vowed to exact revenge.

According to YF Morang in-charge Parashuram Basnet, the YCL vandalised the houses of UML cadres Dilli Timsina, Som Niraula and Upendra Ghimire, besides the YF party office.

Basnet said NC’s Krishna Sapkota, UML’s Gyanu Magar, Hom Magar and Basu Sir were injured in the YCL attacks. The YF claimed that YCL abducted UML members Nar Bahadur Magar and Upendra Magar.

The police, on the other hand, arrested some YCL cadres. Demanding the release of its cadres, the YCL gheraoed Letang Police Post last evening. Both the youth wings of the coalition partners of the government said the problem was yet to be solved. The police have also been unable to resolve the issue. YCL has submitted a memorandum to the district administration office in this regard.