Young mother struggles to keep her newborns alive

Biratnagar, August 19

There used to be a small house on the edge of Singhiyakhola at Mukhiyabasti of Jahada Rural Municipality-3, in Morang district. In that house, Babita Mukhiya gave birth to twin babies a week ago. With the arrival of the babies, the Mukhiya family had been happy. Babita was preparing for the naming ceremony of her babies. Meanwhile, the Singhiyakhola flooded her house rendering her and 12 other families homeless on Saturday.

On the day when the naming ceremony was to be held, Babita’s family was taking refuge at a nearby school building. She could name her babies in a ceremony. So she herself named them Barsha and Badal. “I named them Barsha and Badal as we are displaced by flood and it was raining on the day we named them”, Babita said.

Before it rains, the cloud appears. “As our displacement has something to do with cloud and rain, I named my twins Badal and Barsha,” she said.

A resident of Mukhiyatole, Babita along with her relatives has been taking shelter at the school building. She said there was no food to feed her babies as all food and grains her family were swept away by the floodwaters . Babita’s mother is helping her to take care of her twins. She had got married to Sant Mukhiya a year ago.

The Mukhiya family has neither warm clothes for the babies nor nutritious food for the nursing mother. “The worry that how I would save my children from all this hardship as I have lost my house and food grains in the flooding is killing me,” said the young mother, who has just turned 17.