Youth attacks Ram Prit Paswan

Janakpurdham, Nov 19:

A youth manhandled Ram Prit Paswan, vice chairman of the National Assembly, apparently for not wearing native Terai dress while taking part during the inaugural function of the Mithila Festival here today.

Paswan, UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal and Thai Ambassador to Nepal were among the dignitaries attending the programme when the youth suddenly attacked Paswan. The unidentified youth was immediately arrested by the police and Paswan escaped unhurt.

The youth attacked him apparently for wearing shirt, trouser and tie during the inaugural function, said the police. The programme was disrupted for a while after the incident.

Nepal expressed shock over attack against a Dalit leader and demanded immediate and strong legal action against the culprit.

State Minister for General Administration Dharma Nath Shah directed the local administration to penalise the attacking youth. He said: “The criminal who attacked Paswan should be penalised to the maximum. This should be understood as government directive.”

Thai Ambassador to Nepal, who was attending the programme, left the venue soon after the incident.