Youths ransack Jhapa district court

Jhapa, August 20:

A group of five to seven youths claiming themselves to be Maoists ransacked the Jhapa District Court this afternoon.

According to the district court judge, Bimal Dhungel, five to seven youths, who claimed to be Maoists, entered the court room at 2.15 pm when the court proceeding was on and smashed two glasses on the table and tore apart some documents. They shouted at the court staffers asking why they continued with the official work when they were organising a protest rally against the hike in prices of petroleum products.

The court officials later pacified the youths and retrieved a file related to a murder case, which they had attempted to take away with them. Judge Dhungel said similar incidents occurred also in the District Land Revenue Office, Revenue Office and the District Administration Office.

Jhapa Chief District Officer Jaya Mukunda Khanal said some armed Maoists and other people came into the DAO and set ablaze an old chair while demonstrating against the price hike.

Some people suddenly entered the DAO office and delivered a public speech urging immediate promulgation of an

interim constitution and formation of an interim government, assistant chief district officer Murari Sharma said, adding that they also torched a motorcycle parked in front of the District Election Office.