KANCHANPUR/ ACHHAM: At least ten persons were killed in landslides and flashfloods, triggered by torrential rains across Achham and Parvat on Tuesday night.

Six people died in Siddhesory and Bindavasini VDCs, Achham and four died in Parvat. Earlier 18 people had been killed in a landslidein Achham.

The deceased have been identified as Durga Bhandari, his wife Binu Bhandari 35, their daughter Simana 7 and son Bisam 2, who died in the Parvat landslide. Locals and police, however, managed to rescue their two daughters Bindhu 12, and Rekha.

According to Gyan Prasad Dhakal, CDO of Achham they have already sent a team of police force from the district headquarters in Achham and Bindavasini to rescue the affected people. He further added that due to difficulty in communicating with the team further information is not yet available and the disruption in transportation is hindering efforts to send more security forces to the area.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology forecast that the rain will continue in mid and far western region of Nepal.