KATHMANDU: With the country experiencing frequent tremors of criminal outbursts, a Home Ministry report has revealed that most of the armed operatives are non-political in nature.

The report said only 12 out of a total of 109 armed outfits active in the country are political meaning that the rest 70 are all criminal groups.

The report has also recommended the government to deal with those armed groups with an utmost severity.

A second round of talks held just on Sunday between five armed groups and the government ended inconclusively with the next round of talks slated for November 4. The government talks team was headed by peace minister Rakam Chemjong.

Classifying the armed groups into five major categories -- political, religious, political criminal, religious criminal and purely criminal –the report said most of these outfits are based on the Terai, eastern and mid-western hills.

With the government deciding to recruit additional 10,000 personnel each to Nepal Police and Armed Police Force, the government has been saying that it would launch stern offensives against the armed criminal outfits as found out by the report.