What sets The Rising apart from other films?

I’ve always played a glam singing-dancing Bollywood heroine. Gadar, of course, was the exception. But The Rising goes a step further. I think I’ve really taken a panga by playing a widow in The Rising. That’s something not many young actors would do. I’m completely without make-up and jewellery. I’ve also never played a Bengali girl before.

Did Aamir Khan give you any acting tips?

Actually, it was Aamir who suggested I go without make-up. I was hesitant but he and director Ketan Mehta assured me my unadulterated beauty would shine more without the pancake. I remember on the first day of the shoot, I did touch up a little but Aamir was like, ‘Amisha, go and wash your face’. I’m so glad I listened to him because now my look is being talked about. Aamir also asked me to read White Mughals by William Dalrymple. I got interesting insights about an Indian in love with an Anglo-Indian from the book.

How was Toby Stephens as a co-star?

Toby is a jaan and a sweetheart. We’ve become good friends and keep in touch off and on.

He has a good sense of humour and is very helpful. Once I had a toothache and he gave me his own Bon Gella. I hope you know I’m the first Bollywood heroine to romance a Hollywood hero.

But why are you missing from the promos?

Now they’ve started showing glimpses of me and Toby. You see, I don’t have any songs, so they can’t include me in the song promos.

You share an affinity with period films, don’t you?

I love watching them and acting in them. I think period films are lucky for me after Gadar. If I had my way, I’d make sure all my films were period films.

Name your two favourite period films.

Umrao Jaan and Mughal-e-Azam

How are things in your personal life?

I’ve always been at peace in my personal life. But this is not something I want to talk about.

Are you and Adnan Sami an item?

Those are all rumours. But like I said it’s not the right time to talk about this.