KATHMANDU: Ichiyo School of Ikebana encourages personal interpretation. The school is of the belief that imagination is as important to create designs as materials and containers. They have simple philosophy — if flower arranging is to be truly fulfilling, it should be a reflection of onseself.
Thus the arrangement of Ichiyo School is different from the traditional Ikebana in that designs from this school gives viewers a different experience with nature. It is stimulating, unexpected and profound.
Akihiro Kasuya is the present Iemoto of the school. Kasuya’s specialisation lies in combining materials through a natural balance of their weights, and not by fastening the materials down with a kenzan. His aim it to bring materials and containers into a mutually cooperative position through the natural balance.
Ichiyo School uses a simplified and systematic method of teaching that includes 20 lessons each in five levels. The five levels are primary, secondary, advanced, research and instructor.
Their textbooks are designed to make students able to progress through these levels within a short period of time.
This school also offers a programme through which a student can learn Ikebana by correspondence.