Putting aside the Salman tapes controversy, Aishwarya Rai left Mumbai on Tuesday night for her first international project.

“The Last Legion is my first major legion abroad,” laughs Ash, as she readies to fly off to Tunisia, via Paris. After a break in France, she will join Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley and adolescent actor Thomas Sangster, who has a pivotal role in the film.

Long journey

“It’s a long journey for me, in more ways than one,” sighs the actress. “It’s all destiny. Anyway, I’d rather look ahead than behind me. Now it’s time for another new experience, another challenge.

New explorations, new discoveries every single day — that’s life! I look forward to a positive existence, always.”

New beginning

Globally, Ash is poised for a new beginning. Two of her international projects — Jagmohan Mundra’s Provoked, and Paul Mayeda Berges’s Mistress of Spices — are ready for release. And now, with shooting for her first bonafide international project taking off, Aishwarya seems poised for a new beginning.

Rebel role

Last Legion has Ash playing Mira, a rebel warrior. The role requires a lot of stunts and horse riding. “I’m looking forward to all of that. Never done it before. Just after playing a warrior, I go straight into ultra-feminine mode in J P Dutta’s Umrao Jaan.”