KATHMANDU: The Art of living is the journey from head to heart. It enables one to give and derive unconditional love,” said Madhav Khanal, a senior teacher of Art of living (AOL) while addressing the participants on the last day (November 14) of a five-day basic course. Initiated by AOL Foundation the course was conducted at Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg.
The Art of Living course offers two sessions Part I and Part II, which are extremely helpful and beneficial to people of all ages. Being the first session — Part I — this course basically helped the participants manage their stress through Sudarshan Kriya, a unique breathing technique.
Management Training Consultant by profession Neeva Mathema Pradhan the session conductor mostly holds training for Banks and Academic Institutions. Based in Washington DC this is the first time Pradhan has conducted AOL session in Nepal. Sharing her own experience she said, “Personally speaking this course has extreme benefits and relieves one from mental and physical stress, imbibes more focus and energy. It has been real joy to share this with friends and families.” She finds the wisdom of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (the Founder) “practical and profound.”
“Unless you experience it, you won’t feel it,” was what some of the participants like Keepa Handa, Karuna Adhikari, Phanindra Adhikari, and Sriram Mathema had to say about their take on AOL sessions.
Handa said, “AOL is exclusive in the sense that it is a blend of knowledge and pranayam. It balances your thoughts and develops positive thinking.” While Adhikari bought forward another factor, “Once you pursue the course you feel the positive energy and happiness.”
According to another participant Pratap Malla, “Simplicity is the beauty of this course. Breathing is the life of this course.” It was evident that the AOL course was successful in generating positive vibes among the participants.
Bhawesh Khanal, a bachelor’s student working on a thesis about prospects of spirituality in organisational development had his own view. “AOL is independent of religion and is the best medium to share your spiritual experience. Spirituality will indeed play a significant role in the overall development of our country.”
After the session Dheeraj Shrestha, a tabla player from Australia expressed he felt “energised” and it has enhanced his art of playing. “Life and music have some similarity and so does breathing and rhythm,” said Shrestha.
Suraksha Dhakal, an employee of Nepal Investment Bank Limited, which encourages its staff to participate in such sessions, also talked about the changes AOL has brought in her. “I was always stressed and short tempered, but now I feel relaxed with control over negative thoughts.”
The AOL session was accompanied by bhajans for additional blessings. The next level (Part II) of AOL will be held from November 25. “Consider it a spiritual holiday and join for the benefits of your being,” said Khanal.