Ayesha Takia is tying the knot with boyfriend Farhan Azmi on March 1.

Ayesha Takia has finally opened up about her big day — her wedding to long-time boyfriend Farhan Azmi. We were actually planning to get married sometime around Christmas last year, but the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai left us all feeling very sad, so we postponed the wedding. March 1 was found to be suitable for all, so that’s it,” she says. But ask the actress about her wedding plans and the she clams up. “I’m not going to talk about my wedding plans or the wedding dress or where we’re going for our honeymoon. Those details are very sacred and very personal and I don’t wish to discuss them beforehand. All I can say is that we’ve planned it all and I’m praying that everything goes off well.”

Is she going to quit films, in the tradition of most newly-married Bollywood heroines? “No. In fact, it will be work as usual once the wedding is over. I enjoy working in films and will be back in the studios soon.”

Ayesha’s always been picky about the roles she chooses. Will that change once she gets married? “I’ve always been very conservative about my screen image and the type of roles that I play. I don’t think marriage will change that because I have always played only those roles that I’m comfortable with,” she replies.

Her fiancé Farhan is an hotelier and the buzz is that the two are building a hotel at Goa. Ayesha says, “Yes, we have built the first of many hotels in Goa. The project is nearly complete. Once it’s on track, we plan to have an entire chain of hotels around the country.” So is she going to be a partner with her husband-to-be in his future enterprises? “Why not? After all, women are all about multi-tasking. I can very well divide my time between my work and his work and give my best to the two,” she says.

Now that she’s marrying into a family of politicians, is public life also on her agenda? “I’m just 23-years-old. I started with my acting career when I was just 15; everything in my life has come at the right time. Perhaps politics will also happen when I’m mature enough to take it up,” she says before signing off.