Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt warns the fraternity against fast driving. When we spoke to him last and asked him about the connection between actors and rash driving, he said, “Power and speed have an age-old relationship. Even James Dean died in a car accident. I am very concerned about John Abraham.

He himself once told me that he has a nasty feeling, that if he ever meets his end it’ll be because of his bike, and what is scary is that he almost came very close to it. Driving or riding is not only about ensuring that you are not in the wrong but also about dealing with somebody else who is in the wrong.

That’s why especially in places like Mumbai, where there is no systematic road discipline, you can be sure that you’ll have a child darting from anywhere at anytime. That’s what you have to be armed to deal with. So, a word of caution and a wake up call for John, the fraternity and society!”