Bhumicka Singh is the latest entrant in the glamour world and is all set to make her debut by Dharmesh Darshan’s forthcoming film Aap Ki Khatir. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Bhumicka always had a wish to become an actress. Her family background encouraged her to enroll in Kishore Namit Kapoor’s acting school. She took six month training in acting from B. S. Thapa, who was an assistant director of filmmaker Prakash Mehra.

She says, “Having a filmy background is good as lot of people know me because of my dad but I got my first offer by my own efforts.” Her father Hari Singh has spent around 35 years in the industry. He has worked as a secretary with Padmini Kolhapure and Sridevi and is currently working for Aishwarya Rai. Bhumicka was a protected kid and was not exposed to the filmy parties. Her passion for acting compelled her to join films.

“To begin my career with Dharmesh Darshan is a big achievement in itself. I never thought of it. What else should I ask for? I was standing outside a restaurant at Carter road with my sister when Dharmeshji spotted me. We had a small conversation there and within few days I got a call from his office. That’s how I became a part of Aap Ki Khatir.”

When asked about director Darmesh Darshan she says “He is such a sweetheart. He pampers his actresses, he pampered me as well. He is one of those talented directors of the industry, who knows how to present his actresses beautifully. He is so passionate about his films that whenever he is on the set he concentrates only on his film. He is open to suggestions. He is quite liberal and allows his actors to execute their talent. I am happy to be part of this film as I have got enough screen space that I was promised for.”

Talking about her role in Aap Ki Khatir she says, “I am playing Nikki, who is based in London. She is one of the three sisters. She is a sexy and bold girl. She has lot of attitude. I am not scared of being outshined by Amisha or Priyanka. I am confident about my work so there was no chance of feeling insecure. In fact I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to work with them. I think doing a multi starrer is far better than getting unnoticed in a small banner solo lead.”

Being selective about her roles she says, “Now I have a name to live up to. I would like to go for big banners and good directors. I know I am new in the industry and can’t be so choosy. To be very pragmatic, I am open to all kinds of offers but I would like to be selective as far as my films and roles are concerned. I was getting lots of offers for commercials and film offers from down south but turned down those offers because I wanted to start with Hindi films.”

Bhumicka has been geared up by some good offers much before the release of her first film. Speaking on the same she says “I am not in hurry. I have been reading two scripts but I would not like to announce till I sign any.” Bhumicka has a different point of view regarding skin shows in the films, “It depends on the kind of film you are doing. If it is a big banner film then it can be called as glamorous, if it is small budget, B grade movie then it looks sleazy. As I said earlier acting is my passion and I am here for good work. I just want to work with big banners.” she concludes.