We must admit, that when it comes to sticking with the times (even staying a step ahead), Amitabh Bachchan is our favourite ‘swinger’. But when it comes to cutting to ‘cutting edge’ humour, he’s still an ol’ master, someone probably even Jay Leno cannot match.

When we bumped into him on the sets of ‘Ek Ajnabee’, we saw him trying on a baby pink jacket and commented that this was indeed a ‘metrosexual colour’ (post Saif’s pinks vests!). But AB, always one into deep analysis, stopped midway between the trial and shot us ‘the look’ with “I hope by that you don’t mean ‘feminine’?”

We were in a hurry to clarify that we meant ‘modern’; but AB simply smiled, knowing he’d stumped us and relaxed. Talk about colourful personalities, this man has all the shades.