Glam doll Bipasha Basu is making New Year resolutions like most of us. She plans to kick start her New Year with buying herself a new scooter.

Bipasha is all set to tour Mumbai on her scooter and make all the heads turn.

It seems that John Abraham’s love for two wheelers has rubbed off on Bipasha as well and she is all game to speed up on the streets of Mumbai.

“Both, John and me are in love with two wheelers. It is fun riding on them, only if all the safety rules and regulations are kept in mind,” says Bipasha.

However, her riding the bike skills may not be as good as her knowledge about it’s safety and rules. “I have not yet graduated to riding a bike. I think the scooter is convenient and as a child I have been on the bicycle. It is a different story that I fell a lot of times,” adds Bipasha.