KATHMANDU: It is not a complicated job to take pets on a short travel. But if plans are made for a long vacation, what would pets like dogs do if they are to be left alone? It would not be possible to take him/her along with your luggage. For this purpose, dog-boarding centres could be a better option for them. These centres are the second home for dogs where they are treated and cared temporally in the absence of their owners. Such dog-boarding centres charge the owners for their service and everything from food to grooming is offered to their dogs.

According to Suresh Shah, Managing Director, Mt Everest Kennel Club, there is an increasing trend of short-term and long-term dog boarding in the capital. The dog has to be medically fine, socialised and without any aggressive behaviours for them to be admitted in the boarding centre.

“Dog-boarding is an

appropriate option for the dog owners to ensure that their pets live a safe and healthy life in their absence,” said Shah adding, that the club has certain criteria to be met before boarding them. As he also said, since dogs need more time to adjust in an environment, they might even go thin and week during short-term boarding.

Rahul Sarawagi admits his two dogs Angel and Diana in the boarding house of Mount Everest Kennel Club. Whenever his family goes on a vacation, he has found comfort leaving his dogs in the centre.

“Whenever we go for long vacation soutside the valley or abroad, it is not possible to take our dogs with us. For this very reason, we chose boarding club where they could be safe and healthy,” shared Sarawagi adding that he had taken his dogs for more than five times in the centre.

Check before admitting

Dog owners should understand boarding them is not the final solution. Homely dogs will certainly have a hard time coping in a new environment. There are few things to double check before leaving them at boarding clubs.

Shelter and space

It is essential for dog owners to keep an account of the dog’s temporary living space, where it would be kept. One should make sure the living space for dog is neat, organised and odour-free. Cages might be fine for the crate-trained dogs, but as for the unaccustomed dogs these cages can cause anxiety and certain changes in their normal behaviour.

Walking hours

Some dog-boarding centres walk dogs twice a day for few minutes only. It might be a problem, if the dogs are in the habit of taking longer walks. For that it would be a better idea to search for a boarding that walks a dog three or more times daily. Better if you find a boarding with sufficient fenced-in area where dogs can roam fully. If not, make sure the attendants walk them for several minutes rather than letting them out and put them back in the cage.

Food and health

Change in diet can add stress on dog’s body, possibly resulting in diarrhoea and vomiting. So, it would be better to ensure that the dog will be fed its regular food items. Some dogs are in habit of only eating their regular diets, so its better to take some of their favourites, that can be added to their food. It would be more comfortable to the centre if the owner inform them about what they like and dislike in food items. The owner should make sure that the dog remains as healthy in the centre. For this, regular monitoring of the dog’s health has to be ensured.