MUMBAI: In an age when beauty comes at a price, with botox and its ilk having become lunchtime necessities, one would think the search for that glowing skin and shiny eyes would end at a cosmetic surgeon’s table. While shortcuts could be temporarily gratifying, some of the most beautiful women in Bollywood still swear by age-old methods to preserve that beautiful face.

Sultry siren Bipasha Basu says nothing works better than a disciplined life. “I have always emphasised on maintaining discipline. If you have too wild a life, it reflects on your skin. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, mandatory eight hours of sleep and lots of water makes your skin glow and stay glowing for the longest time.”

While H20 seems to be the elixir of beauty, former model Anna Bredmeyer has some other natural beauty secrets. “I use malai (cream) for moisturising my skin and I drink white pumpkin juice every morning to cleanse my system. I have been doing this for many years and it works wonders.”

“Eating healthy is of foremost importance,” asserts actor Deepika Padukone. “However much you outwardly take care of your skin, if you are not eating right, nothing works.”

Actor Simone Singh’s weapon is cucumber. “I eat loads of cucumbers through the day. I eat lots of carbs and proteins too, which are more or less acidic in nature and cucumber is alkaline; it helps keep the balance. But yes, if you want a quick-fix method to look beautiful, then use voluminising mascara. Its effects are miraculous!”

Actor Urmila Matondkar enthuses, “Scrub your skin squeaky clean, no matter how tired you are. And use as little make-up as possible. Trust me, in the long run your skin will thank you for not assaulting it with make-up all the time.”

And if you are still looking tired, model Noyonika Chatterjee advises, “One beauty trick is to use a lot of kaajal in your eyes. It brightens up the entire face. So when in doubt, be sure to use kaajal. Also, rubbing ice wrapped in a cloth is another great idea to give that quick fresh feel to your skin.”