KATHMANDU: The membership of Constituent Assembly members Matrika Yadav, coordinator of CPN-Maoist and his aide Jagat Yadav is likely to be withdrawn.

According to CA member Pushpa Bhusal, coordinator of a five member sub-committee investigating the case of the both Yadavs, their positions did not fulfill the provision of the Election Commission. They submitted a report to CA chairman Subash Nembang for Business Advisory Committee. The final decision will be taken by the CA chairman.

However, Matrika Yadav had already claimed that the positions cannot be withdrawn as they represent the real CPN-Maoist. The UCPN-Maoist had been formed after the merger of the CPN

-Maoist and the CPN (Unity Centre-Masal). Dissatisfied with the merger, Matrika Yadav reformed the CPN-Maoist under his leadership. Both the Yadavs were CA members through proportional representative electoral system as Maoists members.