Carpet is very forgiving. It not only helps disguise animal hair, it also helps minimise airborne pet danger and keeps those fuzzy hairballs from forming in a room’s corners.

Colour choice: Think about the colour of the carpet along with the colour of your pet. Is your pet black, white or brown? Does your pet shed a lot? If you have a pet with dark hair, select a medium to dark carpet to help camouflage shedding. The same goes for lighter-haired pets.

Style choice: Your pet’s activities may dictate the type of carpet. People, whose dogs are vigorous diggers, or whose cats enjoy kneading surfaces with their claws, should avoid carpets with large loops, as claws can be caught in the pile easily.

Comfort: Comfort also should be a consideration, as pets, like their owners, enjoy softness underfoot.

Care and cleaning: The number one must have for homes with pets is vacuum. Frequent and proper vacuuming is the single most important step to maintaining the life and beauty of your carpet.