TATOPANI: Chinese security personnel assaulted a Nepali traffic policeman who had gone across the border after a Nepali van was vandalised in the Chinese territory.
Arun Pande, a constable of traffic police, was assaulted by Chinese security personnel in Liping, where Pande had gone to inquire about the vandalised van. Durga Bahadur Shrestha, a transport entrepreneur and central member of the Free Transportation Workers’ Union, was also assaulted.
Shrestha had sought the help of Chinese security personnel after his van was vandalised in China while on a business trip. “The Chinese security personnel tried to force me to sign a document to settle the dispute,” Shrestha said. “I went to the Chinese gate along with a representative of Armed Police Force and Immigration Officer Durgadutta Dhakal at 11 am. The Chinese security personnel assaulted us there.”
Shrestha said Pande, who was in uniform, was assaulted as he asked the
Chinese security personnel not to misbehave. In protest, the transport workers obstructed the road for the whole day.
Meanwhile, Durgadutta Dhakal said the case was settled after two rounds of talks in the Immigration Office in Tatopani and the Chinese Immigration Office. He said the Chinese side had agreed to suspend the concerned Chinese security personnel for three months and transfer them out of the border post. They have also promised to repair the van.