KATHMANDU: The Technical Committee under the Special Committee on Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of Maoist combatants has come up with a code of conduct and supervision mechanism for the management of Maoist combatants living in seven cantonments and 21 satellite camps.

The committee is planning to hand over the proposals to the SCSIR tomorrow, Deepak Bhatta, a member of the committee said.

The TC has proposed a cantonment management central coordinator’s office headed by a government secretary. Each of the seven cantonments and 21 satellite camps will have five to seven monitors headed by a civilian. The monitors will include a Maoist commander and individuals having experience in the security forces. The coordinator’s office will act as SCSIR’s secretariat.

The code of conduct, meanwhile, proposes removal of photographs of Maoist leaders and party flags. It also requires strict monitoring of leaves and outings from the camp, as well as ensuring that arms stay within the camps.

With the activation of SCSIR, the chain of command of the combatants ends with the Special Committee. However, the combatants will be given the option of going back to the party when the process of integration and rehabilitation starts.

Members of the technical committee are satisfied with the progress, but are worried that the process depends too much on Maoist politics.