These beauties rock the screen to the fullest.

They are smart, intelligent and good looking; they share a great on screen chemistry and unfortunately the worst off screen chemistry too. The fight is between Two Cats (Deepika and Bipasha) over a Roti (Ranbir Kapoor)

The flight got an emergency ultimatum when Bipasha and Ranbir constantly started complimenting each other over the camera (for the media, off course).

The flight had strong turbulence when both of them made it very obvious in front of the world.

And finally it crash landed when Bipasha made it a point to see that it was her and not Deepika who walks the ramp with Ranbir, which sent Deepika fuming (obviously being Ranbir’s girlfriend).Things turned wild and hot ever since.

Now, these babes were again spotted (together) promoting their movie, Bacha Aaye Haasino along with Ranbir (The Roti, remember).

They were seen exchanging smiles and hugs but deep inside their hearts they know what they were going through.

Now everyone bid, best ‘Friends’ or best ‘Rivals’.