Mahottari: A 22 year old woman was allegedly killed by her husband and in-laws over dowry in Mahottari district on March 30.

Issuing a press release Parameshwar Saha Teli, a local resident of Siswakataiya VDC 6 and father of Rikidevi Saha the newly-wed woman accused Naresh Saha, his son-in law and Saha's mother, father and brother for the murder of his daughter over a dispute for not bringing dowry.

He also accused them of hanging her body to make it appear like a suicide.

Meanwhile in Silanga VDC 8, Bitadi a teenager killed his sister-in-law over a minor dispute with her.

Laxman Panta 17, hacked his sister-in-law Kalawati Panta 30 to death on March 31.

The victim was missing since then and her decayed body was found buried near the house after five days.