Farhan Akhtar’s thriller is drawing more audience to cine theatres than Shirish Kunder’s love triangle.

The clash of the Khans on Diwali eve promised a cinematic feast for movie buffs. In this tussle, Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Don’ is having the upper hand over Salman Khan starrer ‘Jaanemann’.

Don opened to an excellent start at cine theatres throughout India. The film has a very sleek and snazzy look, with SRK playing a flamboyant Don. At many multiplexes in major Indian cities, the tickets of the film have been booked in advance till Wednesday, the Eid day.

Jaaneman , on the other hand, registered a slow start at the marquee. Although the movie got rave reviews from critics, it is still not being able to pull crowds to theatres. Only at few cineplexes is the movie running to packed houses.

The popular sentiment among cinegoers is more in favour of ‘Don’ because everyone wants to see how Farhan Akhtar has remade Chandra Barot’s classic Don (1978) . People are also curious to see Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of the role of Don that was immortalized by Amitabh Bachchan in the original flick.

Majority of those who have seen ‘Don’ have liked the film. The movie’s Hollywoodish look, Shah Rukh’s praiseworthy performance and the unexpected twist at the movie’s end have caught the fancy of movie buffs.

According to owners of some multiplexes in Delhi, people have already started coming back for the second viewing of the film.

‘Jaanemann’, in the first place, was considered an underdog because of the movie’s ordinary-looking promos. On top of it, Shirish Kunder ’s unconventional style of storytelling is not finding as many takers as expected. However, the good critical reviews and the word of mouth may work in the film’s favour in the coming days.

It is still too soon to draw conclusions about the two films’ box-office fate. Trade analysts believe the Eid festival on Wednesday will boost the earnings of both films.