Having read the famous book that has a tragic ending, I discovered

a loophole that leads to

this tragedy — The delay of the friar. Hence, I have titled this motivation.

The friar uses the donkey to ride and tell Romeo that Juliet was not dead in the place of the dead where she had been put. On the way, heavy storms delayed him even more.

Romeo on the other side uses a horse, running at its top pace, in a hurry to be with the ‘dead’ Juliet.

While the friar is on the way, Romeo fights the guards by the tomb and makes his way in. There he sees the love of his life lying quietly, peacefully, so beautiful and not breathing. He cries, and takes the sword and kills himself.

When Juliet wakes up, she feels the heaviness of her lover on top of her and tries to wake him up, but the blood told her not to bother anymore. She reaches out for the sword and kills herself. Peacefully she lies on top of him.

The friar was still on the

way. Finally as he gets

there, he has a revelation of what kind of love these two had for each other.

Had the friar not been delayed, Romeo and Juliet could have had an abundance of love and happiness, sharing their love for each other in a foreign land.

Had the friar not been delayed, the lives of these two could have been saved.

At times we delay the process, when we do things and suffer the consequences at the end.

If you love that someone,

or you have someone special to share something with, do not delay the process. There may be storms ahead that can be prevented, if a quicker pace is used.

Do it now, you do not know the weather tomorrow. Stop riding on a donkey, do not postpone, get straight ahead and do it. — Sandile Duma