KATHMANDU: Back in the Roman era, combatants called Gladiators entertained the Romans and the locals with confrontations against animals and other gladiators in amphitheatres. The premises of Nepal Music Centre (NMC) on November 7 saw a similar confrontation, the only difference being the gladiators at NMC weilded musical instruments instead of deadly weapons. These musical gladiators were in a battle for the race to the Global Battle of Bands.
And E.quals quashed the other competitors to win the national level of GBOB. They will represent Nepal in Scala, London for the finale of GBOB on December 13 where musicians from 143 countries will be playing against each other for a cash prize of $100,000.
Five bands were in the fray. Sutra gave a groovy start to the musical evening and played classical fusion numbers like Sangam and Flow. They were much appreciated for their original numbers. Jindabaad then wowed all with their original alternative rock numbers Rewind and Shades of You.
Abhishek Bhadra, who worked on programming and as the turntablist for the band, was in gestures similar to Joe Hahn, better known as Mr Hahn, who played as a DJ for famous alternative rock band Linkin Park. Bhadra was keen to craft miracles with his fingertips but was yet very receptive.
ALT F4 entered with Yathartha and the use of Wah-Wah pedals by the guitarist Sameer Rai created an astounding sound that added more flavour to their composition.
E.quals then rocked the show with their original metal numbers Now We Are Even and The Killing Number, truly captivating the audience with their headbanging numbers and band synchronisation.
Kaal Bhairav continued the rocking course with original rock numbers Screaming Angel and Rays of Kaal Bhairav.
The winners were chosen on the basis of public voting through SMS (40 per cent) and judges verdict (60 per cent).