KATHMANDU: Colours have a subtle power of transforming human emotions, they make you feel free and happy or just oppressed and sad. The colours used for the interiors of homes play an important role to change your mood instantly the moment you step inside your home.
Binaya Upadhyaya, Managing Director of Binisha Interior Sewa said, “Colour is the most economical way of transforming the outlook of any room. But different things need to be considered while choosing colours for different rooms.”

Cosy corner
This is the place where one ends up after an exhausting day and colour of this room matters a lot. “Master bedroom should be painted in cool colours like blue and green. They create a mood of relaxation to its occupants,” said Upadhyaya. He suggested painting the ceiling white to avoid the room look too dark even when the light is out.

Welcoming look
Interior designers suggest using bright colours like white, yellow in living rooms, if the room does not receive ample natural light. Darker colours can be used in case rooms receive enough natural light but should be balanced with light colours to avoid the room looking too dull and dark.
Kids zone
“Painting is the best way of decorating your child’s room,” comments Upadhyaya. Different pictures depicting children’s interest can be painted on walls of the room. He further suggested, “The design and colours inside the room affects the mental development of the children a lot.”

For the elderly
The room for elderly members of the family should be painted neither too bright nor too dark. Generally biscuit colours are preferred in such rooms. “As aged people spend most of their time inside their own room, rooms need mild paint colours suitable for every time of the day,” recommended Upadhayaya.

Meal times
Kitchen, the place where all family members gather for their meals should have welcoming impression. Upadhayaya suggested, “A kitchen should be able to give warm and cosy feeling to those residing here. So, it is better to paint the room with light warm colours.”

Playing with colours
Colours painted in a particular room play dominant role in determining size of the room as well. “Light colours make a room look larger and spacious whereas dark ones make it look smaller and cosy,” Upadhyaya said. Yellow is considered a bright, warm and cheerful colour whereas blue and green are regarded as restful, soothing and cool. Similarly, red, grey and pink are also regarded warm colours. White is another bright colour that can be used while painting rooms.

Market conscious
One of the main problems customers face is that colour charts provided by paint manufacturers seem quite different when painted on the wall. “While choosing colours one should keep in mind that the exact paint is 20-22 per cent lighter than the colour printed in colour charts,” advised Upadhayaya. So, one should choose the colour keeping this in mind.

Essential changes
Decorating rooms with suitable colours definitely makes the room welcoming and attractive. But the colours painted should be changed after certain intervals. Upadhyaya suggested, “It is better to change the interior paint every four to five years that will give the house a different and new look.”
Though colour is supposed to define the quality and standard of any room, sometimes people make blunders unable to determine the right kind of colour for a particular room. Proper choice of colour that best meets the demand of a room is the only way to have perfection of colours for your room.