KATHMANDU: Ambassadors of eight countries collectively met Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal this morning at his official residence and expressed their curiosity over the government’s decision to seek clarification from the army chief. Ambassadors of the USA, the UK, Japan, China, India, Finland, Norway and Germany met the PM and asked the latter to take other parties into confidence and forge consensus.

PM’s press advisor Om Sharma said the PM had no intention of capturing the power by sacking the army chief and he was totally committed to uphold press freedom, rule of law and keen on adopting the new statute on time. According to Sharma, the PM told the diplomats that General Katawal challenged the ongoing peace process and civilian control over the national force.

Sharma said the Chinese ambassador was of the view that the issue was an internal affair of Nepal. Others are learnt to have said there should be civilian control over the army. Sharma said they advised the PM to move ahead taking all the parties into confidence on the issue of constitution-making and peace processes.