KATHMANDU: Cathy Jamieson, an-ex Scottish minister, has a heart of gold.
Nobody knows it better than the impoverished rural folks of Nepal.
She came here in end-October while her peers back home were busy giving finishing touches to a strategy to curb growing unemployment in Scotland.
In retrospect, Jamieson, 53, conceded that though she missed the discussion on the hot topic in parliament, her trip was all for a good cause.
And, politics can certainly wait for this shadow minister for Housing and Regeneration from the Scottish Labour Party.
During her illustrious career, she has held several important portfolios like Minister for Education and Young People in 2001 and Minister for Justice from 2003 to 2007.
She was elated about her maiden trip to Nepal. “The breathtaking splendour of the Himalayas is beyond description,” said a sprightly Jamieson after the 10-day Bhara Pokhari trek in Lamjung.
Her mountain trail, however, went beyond the sights and sounds of rural Nepal. She plans to raise £5000, and the funds will help promote health and education projects in Nepal. Who Cares? and Community Action Nepal (CAN) - both NGOs - have been roped in to handle the welfare projects. Jamieson lavished praise on Doug Scott, founder, CAN, for his social work.
She celebrated her birthday - on November 3 - during the trek. Deeply moved by the infrastructure inadequacies, she donated £530 to a school in Lamjung. She pledged to do her bit to further the right to education for every child in Nepal, underlining it to be “a political priority”. Jamieson, the doer, is going full throttle to help Nepal. On her return to the United Kingdom, she spoke to MP David Cairns on how to realise her cherished dreams about Nepal.
Cairns was an obvious choice since he was here recently as a part of a UK Parliament delegation.