Fish are probably the most attractive of pets. They are easy to handle and do not require special attention except for the food.
But you should be very careful because a small virus in one fish could attack all the fishes.
To care for a pet fish can be a rewarding experience as fish make for beautiful and wonderful pets. But once you become a pet fish owner, you have to be watchful of your fish at all times. If even one fish gets a virus, all the rest die, and you are left with an empty fish tank.

Get all info needed

If you are buying fish, the first thing to do would be to talk with a really informed salesperson at the store so that you get as much information as possible. Such persons are helpful and could guide you as to the correct pet fish supplies and fish essentials that you need to buy.
Then you need to make sure that you buy the right type of fish food, keeping
in mind the fish that you have bought.
The popular pet fish are goldfish, catfish, swordtail, mollies, barbs, and the guppyfish among others.

Fish care

Before putting your fish into water, remember to treat the water. This step is usually skipped. That could result in your fish dying as soon as you bring them home from the pet store. In order to prevent this problem, you would need to fill the tank and allow the water to settle for a few days, and then add underwater rocks then run the filter and air pump.
It is also important to read the instructions on the food package while feed your fish. You must be careful not to over feed them with fish supplies.
Also be careful not to put aggressive fish with slow fish; if you see a fish that is behaving unduly aggressively, separate your fish.
Be careful not to allow the pH and the temperature of the water in the fish tank stand to fluctuate. This may just kill the fish.
It would be smart to keep a thermometer, and check the pH levels of the tank on a regular basis. Rate this Article In the event that a fish is dying, you would need to examine the fish for sores, fin rot, et cetera. If there is a problem, treat the rest of the fish in your tank for any corresponding problems. You would also have to change the water in the tank as well. — Compiled