SIRAHA: Two women were critically injured and over 34 houses were gutted in a fire in Aurahi-6 in Siraha district on Monday.
Chandrawati Devi Sah, 45 and Munerdevi Sah, 35 sustained critical injuries in different parts of the body in the fire, police said, adding, that the duo were taken to Siraha Hospital for treatment.
The fire that broke out from the cowshed of Rajendra Sah at 12 noon has gutted 34 thatched houses belonging to 12 persons in Aurahi, locals said.
Locals, armed police and civil police from the district headquarters are toiling hard to control the raging fire which is still out of control.
A fire engine from Siraha bazaar has been sent to douse the fire, police said.
As per primary estimate, the fire has gutted property worth Rs. 25 lakh so far.
On Sunday, four persons were critically injured and 75 houses were gutted when another blaze broke out in the same VDC.
In yet another incident in Hakpada-6, Siraha, Bilasidevi Yadav, 60 was killed in the fire that had destroyed 18 houses on Saturday.